Vision Youth Club – March 1st 2013

Vision Disco

The following article is written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer

Tonight at Vision Youth Club saw a disco being run by one of our club members! The night was well attended by young people and enjoyed by all! The disco had a Pyjama theme, with young people coming along in both Pyjamas and Onsies, with some of the adult helpers donning dressing gowns over their normal clothes! With requests being taken throughout the evening for songs, a dance off was even held between two groups of young people! With one group clearly gaining the upper hand by rehearsing beforehand but a great show by both.

This week also saw the use of a UV light set up on a table along with some pens and paper underneath, with the young people decorating both paper and their hands leading to many UV glowing hands! Along with the UV lighting, we also had nail paints out for the girls along with arts and crafts in one of the side rooms and table football in another.

Our next session will be held on March 15th from 6pm – 8pm at The Moors Pavilion. We will be running the normal range of sports and arts activities as well as a visit from the Berkshire Youth SPLAT team who will be putting on a session for club. We look forward to seeing you all there!


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