Horizon Youth Club – February 27th 2013

The following article is written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer

Over the last year Horizon Youth Club has struggled with low numbers of young people attending the youth club. Following the closure of a youth club on Monday nights, the young people were advised to attend Horizon Youth Club. As a result of this numbers have risen significantly and continue to do so, with nearly 20 young people attending Horizon this week.

This week saw some various activities run by the club and with the help of a member of Berkshire Youth, Greg, who will be with us for the next few weeks. Greg ran activities in the sports hall with the assistance of Dan, Claire and Bob this week; including a football competition, which 12 young people took part in, with three teams, the red bib, blue bib and non bib team, consisting of four players in each. After several matches the non bib team were the overall winners with dominating performances in all but one of their games. There were dodge ball matches also run at the end of night.

There was lots of activity and smells coming from the kitchen, with many of the young people taking part in the making of pancakes, this session was run by two members from West Berkshire Youth Services. The cooking activities are always  a popular hit with the young people and we have some more planned for the coming weeks!

In the foyer of the centre this week we had stone painting take place, this is an activity that has run in the past and is welcomed by the young people who always enjoy decorating the stones in whatever pattern they desire! Along with all of these activates we also had the ping pong table and pool table set up in the small hall for our young people to use at their leisure.

With numbers of the club constantly increasing we are hoping for this to continue in the future. For next weeks session on March 6th 2013 we have a snooker competition, quick cricket and card making to make mothers day cars!

The session runs from 7pm-9pm at the Moorside Centre, Urquhart Road, Thatcham and entry is free for your first night, after that entry is just £1 per session! We look forward to seeing you there!


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