Horizon Youth Club – March 27th 2013

The following article was written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer



This week at Horizon Youth club with the easter weekend coming up, the theme of baking was easter cakes. The young people took part in the making of rice krispy cakes. The activity was much enjoyed by the young people who enjoyed the sweet treats to celebrate easter. Along with this the normal sporting acivities were run in the sports hall, being football and dogeball, which are a weekly occurance and continue to be enjoyed by all of the young people taking part. This was run alongside the normal pool and table tennis in the small hall. Horizon Youth Club continues to run with an average of 20 youngsters coming each week. Join us next week, Wednesday April 3rd for our normal range of activities and we may also be running a movie in the small hall. The club is open normal time from 7pm-9pm. We look forward to seeing you there


Horizon Youth Club – March 13th 2013

The following article is written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer

origamiThis weeks Horizon Youth club saw 18 young people coming through the doors, with some new youngsters attending. The Main activities this week were Dodgeball and Origami.

The Dodgeball competition in the sports hall was the favourite activity of the young people this evening. With three teams of five young people facing off, the competition was fierce and closely contested throughout between the green, red and blue teams. The green team started off amazingly with two wins in a row, before eventually being beaten by the red team, Eventually though the red team continued to work hard and came out as the overall winners. This was later followed a small five a side football match to end the evening. Dodgeball and football continue to the popular sports activity.

The Origami was run by Thatcham Neighborhood Warden Naomi, with some young people taking part in this and making some great origami pieces. This activity was accompanied by the usual pool table and table tennis table being set up in the small hall.

Next weeks session will be on March 20th 2013, at the Moorside Centre, Urquhart Road, Thatcham from 7pm until 9pm, with the usual array of sporting activaties being held in the sports hall and small hall, along with some cookie making! We look forward to seeing you there!!

Horizon Youth Club – March 6th 2013

The following article is written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer

Pool Comp.

This weeks Horizon Youth Club once again saw an increase in the number of young people attending, with new members bringing in a total of 22 young people. The main activity this week was a pool competition run in the small hall. The competition saw numerous young people taking part with the eventual winner being Joe. Alongside this being run in the Foyer was mothers day card crafting, in which a few of the attending youngsters took the opportunity to make a card for the mothers!

The planned activity this week for the sports hall was going to be quick cricket, but the young people enjoyed playing football and dodge ball so much in previous weeks that they wanted this to be run instead and as the club is for the young people, this is what happened! Again the activity was enjoyed by all who took part.

The next Horizon Youth Club will be held on March 13th 2013 at the Moorside Centre, Urquhart Road, Thatcham from 7pm-9pm. With the activities for this session being Fancy Dress Dodgeball, Paper Origami and Cookie Making. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Vision Youth Club – March 1st 2013

Vision Disco

The following article is written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer

Tonight at Vision Youth Club saw a disco being run by one of our club members! The night was well attended by young people and enjoyed by all! The disco had a Pyjama theme, with young people coming along in both Pyjamas and Onsies, with some of the adult helpers donning dressing gowns over their normal clothes! With requests being taken throughout the evening for songs, a dance off was even held between two groups of young people! With one group clearly gaining the upper hand by rehearsing beforehand but a great show by both.

This week also saw the use of a UV light set up on a table along with some pens and paper underneath, with the young people decorating both paper and their hands leading to many UV glowing hands! Along with the UV lighting, we also had nail paints out for the girls along with arts and crafts in one of the side rooms and table football in another.

Our next session will be held on March 15th from 6pm – 8pm at The Moors Pavilion. We will be running the normal range of sports and arts activities as well as a visit from the Berkshire Youth SPLAT team who will be putting on a session for club. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Horizon Youth Club – February 27th 2013

The following article is written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer

Over the last year Horizon Youth Club has struggled with low numbers of young people attending the youth club. Following the closure of a youth club on Monday nights, the young people were advised to attend Horizon Youth Club. As a result of this numbers have risen significantly and continue to do so, with nearly 20 young people attending Horizon this week.

This week saw some various activities run by the club and with the help of a member of Berkshire Youth, Greg, who will be with us for the next few weeks. Greg ran activities in the sports hall with the assistance of Dan, Claire and Bob this week; including a football competition, which 12 young people took part in, with three teams, the red bib, blue bib and non bib team, consisting of four players in each. After several matches the non bib team were the overall winners with dominating performances in all but one of their games. There were dodge ball matches also run at the end of night.

There was lots of activity and smells coming from the kitchen, with many of the young people taking part in the making of pancakes, this session was run by two members from West Berkshire Youth Services. The cooking activities are always  a popular hit with the young people and we have some more planned for the coming weeks!

In the foyer of the centre this week we had stone painting take place, this is an activity that has run in the past and is welcomed by the young people who always enjoy decorating the stones in whatever pattern they desire! Along with all of these activates we also had the ping pong table and pool table set up in the small hall for our young people to use at their leisure.

With numbers of the club constantly increasing we are hoping for this to continue in the future. For next weeks session on March 6th 2013 we have a snooker competition, quick cricket and card making to make mothers day cars!

The session runs from 7pm-9pm at the Moorside Centre, Urquhart Road, Thatcham and entry is free for your first night, after that entry is just £1 per session! We look forward to seeing you there!

Vision Youth Club – November 30th 2012

Some of the scratch art done by our club members!

Some of the scratch art done by our club members!

The following article is written by Dan Carter – Youth Club Volunteer

With the days getting dark quicker, Vision Youth Club has started to run more indoor activities, including art activities. This weeks session included ‘scratch art’ which involves scratching off the top black layer in a pattern to reveal the colourful under layer. Some great examples of these are pictured above. This was enjoyed by everyone at the club, who came up with some fantastic and imaginative designs! As well as this activity the club also had other arts activities including paper people which were there to be coloured and designed in any way the young people wished! With a picture of them hard at work below.

Hard at work colouring their 'paper people'

Hard at work colouring their ‘paper people’

Along with these the club also ran a small selection of outdoor ball games, for the young people to use as they wished. With a pool table and table football also being available. The Nintendo Wii was out for use again and was once again a popular attraction to the young people at the club!

The next Vision Youth Club session will be held on December 14th from 6pm – 8pm at The Moors Pavilion  The Moors, Thatcham; where we will be holding a Christmas themed party! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Welcome to the latest way for Thatcham Youth to communicate with you. Following the launch of the newsletter prior to the summer of 2012, we have decided to launch and publish the newsletter onto this site, meaning that you can find out what happens at the youth clubs quicker then before. The site will be updated after each session letting you know what events happened, with pictures, what future events will be and the chance to let us know what things you want us to run at the club’s in the future.